What if there was a gift in every book of the Bible just for you?An experience in God's Word awaits...


Do you arrive at God’s Word expecting that He has something special there just for you?Neatly packaged, as a personalized gift let’s say.From Him to you? From the page to your heart?Be assured: you should, because He does.

In Expectant, Kylah Martin invites you to an intentional pursuit of God in His Word.

This devotional offers spiritual nurture in a down-to-earth, relatable fashion. Readers are inspired to come to God’s Word, expecting to find something that they can treasure in their heart. Not with timidity, not without intention, but expecting a word to be there from Him; expecting to grow more confident in Him. An unrivaled experience with God awaits when you come to meet Him in His Word with your heart fully open, with sincere expectation.

**Available at the following Bermuda-based book sellers:
Adventist Book Centre
Bermuda Bookstore
The Bookmart at Brown & Co.
Caesar's Pharmacy
LF Wade International Airport Duty Free Shop

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"Expectant is a much-needed scriptural refresher. The journey that Kylah took through God’s Word is empowering. . . . My soul is so grateful that I had the opportunity to take a deep dive into this devotional. It is a blessing and a must read!"-SaMonna Watts, Esq., Speaker, Trainer, Author and Coach

"Expectant is the devotional that we need for such a time as this. . . . Thank you, Kylah, for reminding us to remain expectant before God, stay expectant of what He can do for and through us, and be expectant of who He reveals Himself to be to us, each day…if we expect it."Kimberley D. Caines-Best, Speaker and Bible Teacher

Meet the Author

Kylah R. S. Martin (née Allers) was born and raised in the paradise island of Bermuda. She is a loyal, lively, fun-loving friend who sees beauty in connecting with others and, most importantly, with God. Her compassionate spirit and servant’s heart fuel her desire to help others experience new depths with Jesus Christ – be they man, woman, boy, or girl. Kylah values spending quality time with family and friends, solving interesting problems, cultivating and refining ideas, traveling to scenic destinations, sharing meaningful experiences with just about anyone, and laughing to tears. Kylah and the love of her life, Richard, have made it their shared commitment to glorify God and uplift others.

Kylah will inspire and encourage you to see God in unexpected places as she shares her heart and journey in experiencing God, a God who loves you and wants to bless you more here and now.-Joanne Cortes, Pastor

"You’ll be drawn in by Kylah’s passionate invitation to go deeper with God through His Word. If you’ve always wanted to dig deep into the Bible, but were unsure where to start, Kylah Martin’s Expectant provides the perfect opportunity."-Rachel Lemons Aitken, author of Fish Food and founder of the Digital Discipleship ministry

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Expectant, by Kylah Martin, is the devotional we need right now. Reading the captivating stories coupled with the profound spiritual insights she shares in this book will encourage and challenge you towards spiritual growth.-Claudia M. Allen, Online Content Manager for Message Magazine

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